Management effectiveness analysis

In many organisations, for various reasons, review of management performance and planning for development is done inadequately. Managers receive scant information about how well, or badly, they are doing their jobs and, because of time pressures, are not given good-quality feedback about what and where they are doing well, what and where they are not and how they could improve.

This is short-sighted: managers who receive objective analysis of their performance, supported by behavioural examples of the impact and results of their actions, are in a position to be able to learn about, and experiment with, behaviour which will work better for them, for the people they are managing and for their organisations.

The analysis is carried out in as objective a manner as possible, utilises available information e.g. job performance reviews, psychometric data and feedback and includes a prescription for action to ensure performance improvement over the short to medium-term. It does not include a complete development plan.


Objective analysis of management performance and ability


  • To analyse Task strengths and weaknesses in management performance
  • To analyse People strengths and weaknesses in management performance
  • To identify ways, e.g. mentoring, coaching, training, to build strengths and remedy weaknesses
  • To lay the foundation for a development plan which will ensure management potential is fulfilled
  • To ensure that the development process can be managed and measured


  • Useful, specific information about an individual manager’s overall performance
  • A realistic appraisal of strengths, weaknesses and paths for development
  • Support in tackling this in immediate, practical ways
  • Identifying where further information and support might by found
  • Understanding the value of analysis, appraisal and feedback as a necessary part of becoming an effective, successful manager