Customer Service


Most organisations pay lip-service to the importance of customer service. Fewer do it well. Behavioural customer service training emphasises the importance of behaviour as the basis for delivering a service which is noticeably better than that of other organisations. It focuses on active management of the professional relationship with customers and clients.

Behavioural training of all staff is fundamental in Vertical Horizon customer service training programmes. Employees learn how to deliver superior service in a structured, individual, creative and consistent way. This results in strong relationships with clients and an understanding and interest in how they use your products and services. Your service to customers will not be based on only reacting to events when things go wrong.

Our programmes are tailored to your specific circumstances and requirements. Understanding and responding to your customers’ needs and concerns will enable you to give them a service which they appreciate and value. Vertical Horizon customer service programmes are about being authentic and instigating real behavioural change, they are not easy. It is difficult for organisations to change culture and behaviour, however, once inertia is overcome, expect amazing things.


To deliver effective and noticeably-superior customer service at all levels


  • To help employees understand why customer service is so important
  • To understand the different components of good customer service
  • To understand what this requires individuals to do
  • To motivate and train individuals to deliver superior customer service


  • Your employees will understand and deliver superior service in all circumstances
  • Everyone will understand, at a practical level, desirable and undesirable behaviours
  • Your organisation’s atmosphere and culture will become delivery-focused
  • Your customers and clients will notice the difference and love the service
  • They will tell others . . . the best marketing there is