Vertical Horizon consultants have in-depth, extensive, practical knowledge and experience of relevant areas of consultancy. They will tailor what they do to your particular circumstances, immediate needs and future requirements. Our consultants work in close communication with you on-site.

Involvement is for as long as agreed it takes to get the job done. We prefer to work to a timetable with a clear end-point. This helps control cost and keep the focus clear. Analysis and assessment will precede any advice given. Outcomes of recommended action will be presented for consideration.

A scope of necessary work will be undertaken after initial discussion. Reviews, scheduled at regular intervals, sustain momentum, provide information, provoke analysis and maintain control. Changes to the initial scope are discussed with full involvement of the client. Vertical Horizon endeavours to establish clarity at the outset: we use extremely clear work definitions to achieve the aim, specific objectives, required outcomes and deadlines. Progress, performance and success are measured against these criteria. We maintain a disapproving attitude toward slippage.

strategic consultancy

Vertical Horizon provide expert consultancy in:

cost control
We help individual department heads, managers and companies identify where to take action to control spending. Using a creative and pragmatic approach, we ensure individuals and teams understand why this is important and what they can do to take willing responsibility for achieving cost goals.

credit and collection
We provide advice, training and/or a full service relating to credit and collection. This work is delivered by accredited and recognised industry professionals.

design of comprehensive training programmes
Following an assessment of your training requirements/needs Vertical Horizon will design a comprehensive training programme to meet those needs. This will not necessarily include us as the deliverer of the programme.

diversity and equality
Every business in the U.K. has a legal requirement to walk-the-talk on diversity and equality in their practices and procedures. It is not good enough simply to have a policy. A National Standard Accreditation scheme is available for all businesses that will satisfy even the most rigorous assessor.

employment law
Ranging from specific advice on U.K. employment law to a full out-sourcing of the HR function in your company. All aspects of employment law are covered, from legally-required documentation to industrial tribunal representation A 24-hour-a-day advice line is available. You can obtain the most suitable package for your company by selecting what you need. Protecting your business is our business.

health and safety
We offer full out-sourcing of all your health and safety requirements. This includes all legally-required documentation, zero legal fees if a court case occurs and a 24-hour-a-day advice line. We can develop tailor-made training courses for your staff. Protecting your business has never been easier.

management/oversight of training programmes
We offer management of training programmes to ensure that training takes place at the agreed time and location, that attendance/numbers do not become an issue, that aims, objectives outcomes are being met and that any problems are dealt with. Assessment will be carried out some weeks/months after particular pieces of training to check actual effect once any course glow has worn off.

task and people integration
We will work with you to ensure that your company achieves an appropriate balance in managing task and people issues, enabling you to perform at optimum levels.

training needs analysis
An in-depth analysis identifies what training you require to bring understanding, skills, motivation, commitment and performance to optimum levels. Typically this will include individual development, identification of skills shortages/inadequacies, technical/specialist training, management and team development.