M3M - Managing in the 3rd Millennium

The M3M Programme is open to individuals from different companies. It takes place six times a year. It develops managers in four areas: Managing Yourself, Managing Task, Managing People, Managing Performance.

M3M is a behavioral programme which last 12 - 15 months. There are two M3M Management Cometencies Compass360 Reports, a four-day residential course, a period of structured and supported behavioural practise at work and a final accreditation session. 

No participants on the course know which company other participants work for, what they do or what level they manage at. They are not allowed to reveal or discuss this. Feedback is based exclusively on perceptions of behaviour and performance. A maximum of two delegates from any one company will be accepted on each M3M course.

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PEI builds on existing characteristics, skills and effective behaviours: the emphasis is on being constructive and supportive. Participants' willingness to deal with areas of strength and weakness in self and others increases their confidence, attitude and ability. Fresh awareness and new practical skills enable them to operate more effectively. Successful implementation of learning on PEI requires a commitment to support and challenge others in their performance and development.

Throughout the first course a Development Plan summarises individual development needs with suggestions for increased effectiveness and performance improvement through specified behavioural change. This three-part programme uses the time between the two courses to practise different behaviours and assess their success. The practicality of the Development Plan is reviewed. Successes and failures are monitored and used for further development on the second course.

Taking personal responsibility for what is happening around you implies that individuals can affect the way things are going, even in large organisations: if you are one of the ingredients in the pudding then you affect the flavour.

how it works

Participants can be from different areas in a company or from the same team/department. They work in Support & Challenge groups of three/four people, in other task groups and in the whole course group.

In the Support & Challenge Group they:

  • Discuss their development in a supportive and challenging environment.
  • Practise giving and receiving direct, honest and constructive feedback. This is based, as much as possible, on perceptions of and reactions to, behaviour and performance.
  • Develop the ability to assert themselves and support others: i.e. to work effectively.
  • Discuss, make sense of and learn from what happens and translate it to practical action.

On completion of PEI each person will have learnt the skills necessary to adapt their behaviour with different people in different circumstances to get better results. They will also have the information necessary to make decisions about which aspects of their behaviour they want to, or must, change in order to be more effective.


To enable participants to identify, develop and practise the skills and behaviours necessary for influencing other people to achieve the best possible outcomes professionally and personally


  • Increase self-awareness, understand your style, the way you operate and the impact this has
  • Develop self-confidence and confidence in your ability to influence and manage people at any level, internally and externally
  • Get better results when influencing and managing people in different situations: face-to-face, at a distance, in groups and through presentations
  • Present a rational case to, and manage inter-actions with, senior managers, other colleagues and clients; explain the consequences of decisions, particularly where there may be conflicting goals
  • Develop support networks within your company encouraging people to contribute at an individual, team and organisational level
  • Deepen your understanding of stress and improve your ability to deal effectively with it
  • Understand your responses to conflict and develop the ability to manage yourself, your feelings, reactions and behaviour, in more productive ways when conflict is present

subjects covered

Awareness of self and others Analysis of strengths and weaknesses
Setting goals to improve performance Managing task and people
The impact of your behaviour Balancing rationality and emotion
Identifying and choosing effective behaviour Anxiety, insecurity, confidence and assertion
Effective personal presentation Prioritising, planning and organising
Listening with focus and intention Influencing clients and senior managers
Support & Challenge Groups Productively managing stress and conflict
Giving and receiving feedback  

This in-company course is available to people from the same or different departments. PEI analyses what underpins productive inter-action, successful working relationships and effective personal development. It examines the complexity of understanding self and others and the importance of Task and People factors when working together. It promotes learning by Doing, Thinking, Feeling and Changing Behaviour using presentations, exercises, discussion, coaching and large and small group work to achieve this. Participative review and feedback sessions heighten awareness of personal style and its effect on others.